When described from an artistic point of view, art deco lamps marvel in artistic craftsmanship exhibiting the pure essence of vintage style lighting. Moreover, these lamps exclusively exemplify the quintessential precision and creative edge of variety of geometric shapes.

Types of Art Deco Lamps

Art Deco Table Lamps
Copper and Chrome table Lamp
Alabaster table lamp
Cobra lamp
Swivel Shade lamp
Spirit of Modernism

The variety amongst art deco lamps have emerged with evolutionary artistic patterns and contemporary stylization over years since its advent in the 1920s.

Common Features observed

An eminent feature observed in these types of lamps is the use of contrasting shades. While you can find pink and hues of blue in combination with silver and chrome, you will also find the bold use bursting hues of red, gorgeous yellow or elegant emerald green governing in these lamps with popular etching and enamelling artistic craftsmanship.

Apart from enamelling and etching, you can easily trace the marvellous use of Tiffany glass designs in art deco lamps.

Polished metals like bronze, silver or chrome find heavy usage in these lamp designs.
The use of varied angular shapes brings in precise artistic patterns.
An eminent trend in these lamps and a fashion icon of 1920s as well as 1930s is the typical feminine figure holding a glass shape.

Care and Maintenance

Since these shades vigorously use both metals and glass, you need special care for them.
Art Deco Tiffany Glass Lamps
Use laundry soaps in warm water to clean the shades.
You can also use soft, clean dry piece of cotton cloth to gently wipe of little dirt.
It best to clean up dirt and dust at early stage to avoid clogging of dirt in intricate curves of these designer lamps, which then becomes difficult to clean up.

Therefore, these artistic lamps can be great decorative addition for contemporary as well as traditional interiors. If you want to learn more about art deco lamps,you can see the classification of our website.